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December 2020
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Christchurch and parts north
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Next we headed for Christchurch.

(we saw this on the way…any idea what they are? I thought maybe aliens…)

Unfortunately the Rain never stopped and now when I think of Christchurch I think of Driving Rain. We didn’t spend much time there but headed up to rejoin some of the crew who were at the conference on the North Island from the previous week. We met them at a sleepy little coastal town called Kaikoura.

Beautiful place where we had a wonderful time and great meal. We all got a little happy and really enjoyed eachother’s company. Glenys Mann was a delight to hang with and hopefully we will be seeing her again in the not toooo distant future.

I got to go on a little nature walk not too far from our hotel and ran into the little fella who was just singing his heart out. Pretty too!

The next day we were off for the North Island again and finally for some wonderful blue skies and warmer weather. Napier was a beautiful town with lovely Art Deco Building everywhere. We found the monument to David’s saying: “Titties to the Wind.”

We continued to drive north into volcano country. Spent the night in Rotorua and saw the Geothermal activies firsthand.

The smell was enought to knock you off your feet. Our friend Mike Gerred told us we had to ckeck out the luge track in Rotorua. It was alot of fun!

These little guys were a suprise as well. We happened upon them by accident. During out last trip downunder, we saw the black swans in Tasmania and thought they were just the coolest thing ever.

The next day was a mad dash to Aukland and Goodbye to New Zealand. This was the view from our Balcony.

Aukland was way too short and lots of fun. See you later. Ron

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