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December 2020
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North on the South Island - Abel Tasman
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So after our week of teaching in Paraparaumu, we got up really early and got on the 8am ferry to Picton on the South Island.

The weather was really blustry but we were still able to go out onto the decks. It reminded me of when I was a kid playing “North Seas” adventure games. The wind it was a blowin’ and the boat it was a rockin’. Despite this we arrived without problems and then got to spend a few days traveling around the north shore.

We stayed in Monteka and Tapawera. We decided to spend a day hiking Abel Tasman National Park.

We walked about 5 hours at a distance of 17km.

The weather was fantastic and the scenery was amazing.
Big Tonga Beach was just idealic.

We were able to take off our shoes and walk in the surf. We spotted this Echidna (Spiny Anteater) on the road the first night

and then saw this living one on the road as well. Cute!!!

After we left the north end of the island, life became wet again. Really wet and really cold.

We didn’t let the rain stop us from crossing the longest suspension bridge in New Zealand and then take the zip line trip back across.

For those of you who know David’s extreme dislike of heights, this was an amazing feat for him to accomplish. We got wet but had a great time.

I know that these blog reports aren’t coming as quick as I’d like but it seems ya’ll are enjoying following along at what ever pace. my love to all, ron

Dear New Zuzilund- Thank you for not raining on us today, I loved Abel Tasman park and I love the sheep. So glad to be here for the baby ones.

I worry about one thing though, I have noticed that you have a popular drink here that is Tequila based and comes in a can perhaps you know the one, well, far be it from me to judge, but is “Crazy Mexican” really what we should be calling such a thing… I’m just saying, I mean I know Australia wants to make Dwarf Tossing an Olympic sport and thats probably not what we need to be doing, and Singapore does cane people for chewing gum, and, the U.S. did elect George Bush… twice… OK, I am sorry, never mind.


7 Responses to “North on the South Island - Abel Tasman”

  1. Craig Says:
    Did those clothes on the fence have something to do with the sheep and tequila?
  2. liz plam Says:
    hey you two…I loved the picture of both of you WET and under the umbrella…I was reminded of another wet hike around Stanley Park in Vancouver BC?? remember that David..never you mind Ron, you weren’t the wet one!! smile & hugs liz
  3. Greg & Shelly Says:
    We enjoyed meeting you both at cooking school in Ubud, and are looking forward to reading more about your trip!
  4. Janina Scallopina Says:
    Extremely beautiful. But that whole zip line thing–I’d be shaking for a week. David, you are truly my hero now. Ron–I want your scarf from the last post. Love, Janine
  5. Shoe Says:
    Oh I loved NZed! So green! Hope you’ll have an opportunity to see the south island. I also thought the airport at Wellington was…ah…designed to test stomach strength, but loved all the colorful metal roofs. Where to next?
  6. Marisa Says:
    Crazy Mexican! Hey waiter! Bring me a Crazy Mexican!
  7. Brother Albert Says:
    Amazing shots! I love the picture of David from inside the cave… and David… did you scream like a girl going over that bridge??? I know I would have! hmmmm…more sheep….. I’m sensing a pattern here…. and the shoes on the fence…by any chance was there an empty bottle of Woolite leaning against the nearest post?

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