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December 2020
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Geelong Grammar School aka Hogwarts
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After our great visit to Sydney and all the fun we had with Pauline and her family, we headed south via Jetstar Airlines to Victoria,

one of the southern states in Australia. Geelong (or Corio is really the name of the town we were in but the name of the school comes from the nearby larger city,) is situated on a beautiful bay.

There is a walking path next to the school that goes around most if not all the bay. We saw blackswans, ducks, geese, sandpiper and Heron. Beautiful setting…and if you can believe it, David got me up and we were able to see the sunrise the first morning.

Geelong Grammar School is an affluent boarding school for overprivledged children, much the way Hogwarts was for the wizarding children…I mean how many muggles do you see at Hogwarts??? The grounds are amazing and the Dining Hall was directly out of one of the Harry Potter Books.

We had 11 students in the class and they were all GREAT. They all got it and were able to head off in different directions and push themselves exactly as they should. Thanks for a great and fun filled week at Tafta Forum. The last night at the Forum, there is a party which included a swingband in the dining hall. The theme was feista. Do you think we knew that or even planned for a Feista themed party? NO, but we were able to come up with some eye-catching outfits. Flo and Don Hoppe were there as well (Flo is writing THE BOOK with David which will come out next year and Don her husband is an AMAZING carpenter and all around good guy.)

As you can see from the pics, a good time was had by all! Next we headed for New Zealand. Not too much time in Australia this year, maybe more touring with the next visit.

David’s Contribution:
Dear Gelong, especially the folks in the kitchen at Gelong Grammer School. I know how hard you worked as I spent the first half of my adult life working in kitchens but heres the thing. Food can be art but you mustn’t be afraid of spice. I know you have a certain amount of dullards who gather round your tables and complain loudly if there is so much as a spec of pepper on there plate which is why I am going to break my own rule of never complaining about food that is prepared by someone elses hands. I do love to be cooked for and I appreciate the effort but let me offer a proposal. Make boiled oats every night for dinner along with something glorious and aromatic and beautiful and delicious. Soon the oat eaters will certainly want to know what they are missing. I for one am tired of the whining complaining dullards taking over. It is time to take back our tables. Thank you for listening to me I hope this will be constructive.

G’day Mates


Your doing bacon all wrong.

4 Responses to “Geelong Grammar School aka Hogwarts”

  1. miwako Says:
    Oh, David! I’ll give you a raspberry award…\(^o^)/ All pics are full of magic and spell and laugh! Ron, have you met Prof. Longbottom there?
  2. Marisa Says:
    Haha! BACON! The bacon certainly looked a little on the gelatinous side. :)
  3. Janina Scallopina Says:
    OMG! There is nothing worse than bad bacon.
  4. Christine Mole Says:
    Glad to see your blog is now getting updated. You must have been able to get internet access OK in NZ. You are right about Geelong Grammar being a bit like Hogwarts, but we didn’t get any pumpkin juice!! I have just completed a project in RAW and will send you some pictures sometime soon.

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