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December 2020
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David and I arrived in Sydney after a lovely flight from San Francisco. We were able to upgrade our tickets at the last minute to business class on United. Oh my Gawd there is nothing like business class for those transoceanic flights. We were greeted by Pauline and pampered during our entire stay in Sydney.

Dirk and Maxine,

who are to be married on the 6th of October, took us out for a wonderful dinner and then Dirk took us up in a 4 seater plane the next morning to see Syndey from 1500ft up…


We got to hang out at the Opera House

and see Pauline’s family the next day after a trip to one of our favorite Sydney sites, the Fish Market.

Addendum From David:
Dear Sydney-
Thanks for the great food and the great company. I loved looking at the Harbor from the air and you hold some of my favorite people.
Thanks for looking after them so well and please continue to be good to them.

9 Responses to “Australia”

  1. Shoe Says:
    Love the opera house. My 12 year old nephew just got back from there and of course has the obligatory picture of him walking out of the mouth. Looks like you two a pushing the ceiling, so to speak, at the aeroplane dimensions! Great shots!
  2. Marisa Says:
    OMG How exciting! The opera house looks absolutely divine!
  3. liz plam Says:
    YEAA!!! so happy to see you are having a great time…I love the fish market pics as well as you in the plane…that must of been out of this world to see the opera house from the air…in a 4 seater no less!!! hugs
  4. Deborah Says:
    Well, I guess if you can’t be here with me in the hospital at work then you should be off doing something fun!!!!! I’m so happy that you have this opportunity Ron.. The pictures are great, thanks for the e-mail and in a way… taking me along with you! Love Deb
  5. Chris Cooper Says:
    Sounds like you are having a great time. Wish we were there too. All is fine in Seattle. xo
  6. Jolie Says:
    Great picture of you Ron in the plane. I’d like to come to dinner!
  7. miwako Says:
    Caution! You need to care for eating too much. I love to see you’re having fun on the web but I don’t want to watch you getting fat. I hope you’ve got another mail with a pic. Love love!!
  8. Your Favorite Sister Says:
    YOU GO GUIES…Love Ya Miss Ya…do more blogging and less sightseeing please…ha ha…wanna be there…NOT HERE digging up my yard! I love the Opera House! WOW…
  9. don of course tsvee Says:
    just had to check in and see where you’d gotten to. i’m outside of boston taking care of chickens for a few days. making the east coast friend connection. i was in that cave on the able tasman trek in 1980-1. wishing you continued joy and adventures, just heard from rob at easton. just a state away.

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