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December 2020
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…I’m coming home…
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Ok, it has all been grand, really grand. I have learned and grown and been enlightened and have treated myself to a feast of visual treats, but folks, I am ready to come home. I am tired of my jaw dropping and my eyes popping. I have repeatedly had my breath taken away and I want it back.

Here are some of the things I miss.

-My dogs.
-My people.
-Coffee as I know it.
-Drinking my morning beverage out of a mug that you can put both hands on.
-Dogs that have people, food dishes, collars and shots and cats that have heaters to curl up next to.
-Traffic laws that are not ornamental.
-My studio.
-Smoking etiquette
-Choices like small, medium, large, or biggie!
-Asian or Italian tonight.
-Driving on the right side.
-Being able to read labels and street signs.
-A full compliment of outfits and accessories.
-Conversations that don’t involve pantomime.
-My dogs.
-Consistency in things like which side is hot and which is cold and does the pepper come out of the one with smaller holes of is that the salt this time?
-Sensibilities that acknowledge that products like Tang and Nescafe are not the same as Orange juice and Coffee.
-Icy beverages.
-Potable water.
-Knowing what kind of toilet is going to be in the public facility.
-Predictability, as in, I am going to the store and I am going to buy milk and I am going to know how the money works and I am going to be able to speak with the people at the store. I will enjoy being able to accomplish this kind of thing without being transported into an unintended adventure or inadvertently inviting a lesson in “its not such a small world after all”.
-And finally, my Dogs.

I will be stateside soon, very soon.


4 Responses to “…I’m coming home…”

  1. Shoe Says:
    Glad to hear the return is imminent and the home stories can begin. I wonder how I’d do with 3 months of the same clothes (oh! we ARE Americans!), no routine, never being quite sure what’s going on–and NO DOG. I’m sure the excitment of the unexpected begins to pale as time rolls on… Your dogs will be happy to see you too. Isn’t it amazing how those fuzzy faces occupy such a large part of your heart?
  2. elif Says:
    i know *exactly* what you mean, and i even speak the turkish language (somewhat). simon & i had a good laugh about the tang & nescafe. his first trip abroad was with me a couple of years ago, and i tried to explain to him that there would be no coffee. he did not truly believe me until his first encounter with nescafe, at which point he became slightly disenchanted with foreign travel. it was so lovely to see you both in istanbul, even though i could tell you were exhausted. perhaps we could go out for dinner when simon & i next visit seattle? i hope you have a safe & uneventful journey home. nothing is better than walking in the door & seeing small fuzzy faces waiting for you. take care & be well, elif
  3. Melanie Says:
    Loved the list. From Mel , Sim, and “Ginny.”
  4. Snowrose Says:
    Hi guys! I have been following your adventures from the time you’ve announce the fact you both are going around the world earlier this year… I cannot wait to hear more (yes LOTS MORE!!!) about your journeys… the pros & cons of it all… the highlights, lowlights of it all! You may not remember me… I’m the “Deaf” seed-bead weaver. I’ve been quite a fan of yours for years and quite desperately want to take your course (even though I’ve not done RAW *yet*)…. Going to Penland?!!!!! thrilling! I’ve never been there but might sign up just to take your class if doctor allows me to go! But please by all means write about your journey together all over and show us the goodies you got from all over! I didn’t think your posts were long at all! It showed how much you both enjoyed everything… even the time changes, waking up bright and early (EG!)… the square wheels over dirt roads worse than NYC’s own potholes… lol! Can’t wait to hear it all! Do arrive home SAFE & SOUNDLY and rest up! David… did you do any beading that isn’t what you ordinarily do due to inspiration from your travels/journey? I was supposed to go to Africa to stay with the Massai tribe… had tickets and all… but due to chemo, couldn’t go. Someone else bought the tickets. Thank Goddess for that! If you’re home, WELCOME HOME! Enjoy your Tang, Nescafe, Coffee, and best of all, the comfort of home sweet home with your furbabies! ~Snowrose

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