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December 2020
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Kenya - Maasai Village Stay
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Oh my have we had an experience…Here is a brief version.

Flew into Nairobi, stayed for four days, three hotels, went to markets and bought lots of stuff.

Got picked up by a Van and was transported south-ish 150-km in a mini van with 14 other people… this is public transportation. The road was “under construction” which meant that this three hour journey was something akin to hitching a ride on a paint shaker or driving your car around with square tires (made out of stone).

Transferred in a small village (called Emali) to a van owned by the Maasai… had another hour journey under slightly less favorable conditions. Arrived at the Maasai village looking like I had stage make-up on (DUST). Got out of the van and stepped into a copy of National Geographic.

Very traditional village which started a visiting program in the past year or two and has been rated by National Geographic as one of the 50 best places on earth to visit. There have only been about thirty visitors so far. Hung out with Maasai warriors, and villagers who were bedecked with beads from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet and even into there extended earlobes.

They were kind, funny, generous and good to us.

Next day went on a safari; saw more animals than I can begin to tell you. Not animals in a cage but cheetahs hunting in the savanna

and a pride of eight lions

and hyenas

and giraffes

and hippos

and then we saw more animals and then we saw them again. I probably saw 100 different varieties of birds in every imaginable color. Got home, had tea, bat landed in Ron’s tea, he screamed like a sissy and threw tea (did not hit any of the warriors).

Next day had to move on so we headed out on the paint shaker roads again except now it was raining so we took a team of Maasai warriors with us. It was still like a paint shaker experience except this time it was like we were inside a can of reddish brown paint.

We got stuck from time to time but our new friends would kind of hoop and jump out of the van and move us out of whatever sludge pit we had gotten ourselves into. I was a bit worried but they all seemed to think it was funny so it was hard not to get caught up in the camaraderie… I love those guys. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a team of Warriors always at your side just in case you got in a jam?

Today finds me in the Zurich airport waiting for Istanbul…


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  1. Melanie Says:
    I imagine the “remember Millie” philosphy goes out the window in a place like the Massai village. And i am wondering if you did some kind of beading technique exchange. . . .can’t wait for more details/ XXXXOO hugs and kisses
  2. Melanie Says:
    Hugs and kisses, SIMONE
  3. Melanie Says:
    I hope you had a fantastic time so far. Hugs and kisses, Jezebel Turner

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