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December 2020
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India, part 3(ron’s mumblings)
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Here I am in Africa still thinking about India…what an amazing country, India. We didn’t see but a fraction but what we saw was overwhelming to our senses. We are very grateful for all the help we received from Vijay, Sanjib and the rest.

Our first day we were taken around to see the major “sites” in Delhi.

This is the India Gate…remind you of something? Think Paris, France…I think the English were trying to out do the French in Arches…

this is the parliament and government buildings.

We visited the cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi: An oasis in the middle of Delhi.

We made arrangements for Manik to take us on an overnight outing to Agra and see the Taj Mahal. We got up early and the mist over Delhi at sunrise was awesome.

All the sights, sounds and smells are like no place else. What we were told was that Bali is all about what’s not said and everything on the surface is nice. But India doesn’t hide anything, it’s all out there for you to see. All of it.

Here are some of the things we saw:

Can any of you figure out what kind of animal this is???Alien living in cognito?

Agra was dusty and dirty and filled with people who REALLY wanted to be our best friends as long as we would just come inside and see what beautiful things that they had to sell us. Overwhelming at times.

The Taj was amazing. In the morning…

at sunset…

and at midday…
You can understand why it is one of the Wonders of the World.

We visited the Red Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Check out this link for more about the Taj and Agra sites.
Fatehpur Sikri was built in 1564 as the capital city of some ruler back then. It’s amazingly intact.

This was a gravestone erected in memory of some rulers favorite elephant after it’s demise…I’m thinking about one for Peggy or maybe Margaret…

On the way back to Delhi, we were side-tracked by a protest of about 30,000 landless farmers/peasants marching for a piece of the Indian pie. We ended up four-wheeling through fields and tiny villages because they closed the main highway back to Delhi. The people had been marching for about a month over 200 miles. Their story is amazing.

Just one more thing to see in this place of overwhelming experiences. I’m writing this from Nairobi and have already been to South Africa. Again I’m behind in my duties…alas. But I’m alive and healthy and seeing the world. Doesn’t get much better than this.

as always,


ps. Okay, true confessions. I know this was a stupid thing for me to do, but I forgot my camera when we went to the Taj Mahal. Can you believe that? So I became someone’s best friend and bought their postcards and took pictures of the pictures. Pretty good, huh? ron

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  1. Shoe Says:
    Can’t believe what you guys are seeing. I’m so envious!
  2. liz plam Says:
    this is sooo thrilling to travel along with you…and is that Ron with the lavender sarong?? you look ‘Mahvalis’
  3. nan Says:
    indeed there are many fabulous shots (even though someone was sans camera!), but one of my favorites is the fellow on a bicycle, carrying a l-o-n-g section of wrought iron fencing!

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